Autism Through Cinema

Daniel Bendelman - autistic video artist

July 8, 2022

In the second of a series of special episodes featuring autistic creatives, Janet and Ethan welcome the wonderful Daniel Bendelman to the podcast. Daniel is an autistic video artist and PhD student at The University of Kent whose work attempts to expose the power dynamics of autism representation through video art and performance-based installations. In particular, the team discuss Daniel's remarkable installation for 'Fragments', where Daniel performed the writing of his medical history next to a looped sequence from Rain Man, and his compelling short film 'The Life and Death of an Anonymous Autistic Man', produced by DYSPLA in 2018.

Daniel reflects on the influences of Michel Foucault and Franz Kafka on his work, and digs into his history as a person diagnosed as Aspergers at a childhood age and how his art practice humanises those experiences. There's also time for discussion around the complicated history of the term 'Aspergers' itself, from its removal from the DSM to the troubling associations of Hans Asperger with the Nazi regime.

Read more about Daniel in his interview with Colin Hambrook on Disability Arts Online: 

The imagery from Daniel's installation 'Fragments' can be viewed here via Gorm Ashurst's photography: 

An expert from Daniel's film 'Life and Death of an Anonymous Autistic Man' can be viewed on DYSPLA: 

Have you seen any of Daniel's work? What are your thoughts? Do get in touch with us on to join in with the conversation.


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