Autism Through Cinema

Orlando (1992) dir. Sally Potter

August 20, 2021

The podcast takes a queer turn as we link up with Sally Potter and Tilda Swinton and Virginia Woolf through Potter's exuberent time-bending period drama, Orlando. We enjoy the film's take on the artifice of society, which we connect with the autistic way of viewing the often nonsensical neurotypical world. Swinton's intimate fourth-wall-breaking gaze befriends the autistic viewer in a wry nod of collaboration, but also evokes the spectre of eye-contact which has such an emblematic status in the world of autism. We also take some time to reflect on the theory of the 'neuroqueer', as explored by Remi Yergeau's influential book Authoring Autism and Nick Walker's blog, via the film's timeless questioning of gender binaries and boundaries. 

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In today's episode you heard Georgia Bradburn, John-James Laidlow, David Hartley, and Janet Harbord. 

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