Autism Through Cinema

True Stories (1986)

June 24, 2022

Same as it ever was! Same as it ever was!

Today we're in the company of the great David Byrne, the lead singer of Talking Heads, and his one and only feature film True Stories. There are, as Alex suggests, 'big-time autistic vibes' around Byrne in the film, but also in the sensibility of the way the film is structured and presented. We enjoy being led through the world of the film through the eyes of an autistic individual, leading us to question whether an autistic sensibility resists or challenge conventional narrative forms. We discuss the diagrammatic nature of the narrative and how that provides a sense of a soothing order, as well as a Brechtian distance, while also reflecting on Byrne's interest in technofuturism.  

The film in this episode was recommended to us by listener Analotta Pauly, who sent us a link to this brilliant article on Medium:

We're always keen to hear from our listeners, so please do drop us a message on if you'd like to suggest films for us to consider in the future.

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